Our Guarantee

DR propainters respects the high quality of work you expect and deserve with any paint job. We will respect you, your property, and always deliver exceptional service. We pride ourselves in the use of top quality paints that have a 25 year guarantee. Top quality paints ensure your job will look great and last for many years. We will only consider the job finished when you are completely satisfied.



During your free estimate, we are always happy to offer free color consultation. We want you to be happy with the new look of your home or business.



DR propainters is fully licensed. We are covered by a general liability insurance policy that covers property, fire, personal, and/or medical expenses. We also carry workers compensation coverage. Feel safe knowing that you are protected during your painting project.



Our Limited two-year warranty

Two years from the date of completion of your project, DR propainters will repair peeling, blistering or chipping paint due to defective workmanship. This warranty is subject to the limitations below.


For this warranty to be valid, you must:

  • - Pay the full contract price.
  • - Retain a copy of the original contract and evidence of payment.
  • - Pay for all materials used for repairs.


The limited warranty does not cover:

  • - Any work where DR propainters did not supply the paint/materials.
  • - Any work that was not performed by DR propainters.
  • - The cost of paints needed to perform repairs.
  • - Surfaces that are made of metal or varnished.
  • - Surfaces that are horizontal which collect moisture such as decks, railings, stairs, porches, roofs, and wood gutters.
  • - Any repairs needed as a result of defective paint regardless of who purchased the paint.
  • - Exact paint match as environmental conditions can affect the color of paints over time.
  • - Cracks in wood, drywall, or plaster.
  • - Bleeding caused by knots, rust, or cedar.
  • - Peeling, chipping or blistering caused by: ordinary wear and tear, abnormal use or misuse, peeling or layers of paint existing prior to the work performed by our company, structural defects, settling or movement, defects or damage caused by fire, acts of God, extreme weather conditions, or negligence.


Satisfaction Guaranteed!